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Established in 1972, TGHA is the oldest girls hockey association in NYS, and one of the oldest in the US!

47 years and counting...

5-18-2020: An Open Letter from TGHA Board President Eric Eisenhut:

Dear TGHA Families,

With snow flurries in May, it seems like a good time to reach out to our TGHA hockey family and share some of what has been happening in our local hockey world since the abrupt season end in March.

The TGHA board has maintained our monthly meetings.  Our meetings have taken place via Zoom and we are all focused on planning for the 2020-21 season.  Although it is not clear what USA Hockey will permit for the coming season, the board is communicating with The Rink, Cass Park and NYSAHA about how each organization is planning to address the 2020-21 season.

All organizations have similar limitations—how to plan for a “normal” season, recognizing that government mandates, health department guidance and USA Hockey may change “normal” as we get closer to the season.

The TGHA Board has approved a team structure noted below.  The general format will follow that of our prior season.  All practices and home game slots will be based at The Rink, there will be combined skills sessions hosted by CRC professional instructors. The current plan is that TGHA will pick up additional ice slots on Saturdays through the season, so the organization expects more ice time for practices throughout the season.

The following head coaches were approved for the 2020-21 season

8U- Mark Lorentzen

12U (two teams that will include 9-12 year olds)- Jason Browning

14U- Mike Lunger

19U- Brian Crane

Two new board members will join the TGHA board after the June meeting- Mark Lorentzen and CJ DelVecchio.  Brian Crane, Michelle Hallock, MaryAnne Camel, Hank Gerson, Kim Budd, Trent Paskins and Beth Heck continue on the TGHA board.  Eric Eisenhut and Raimona Rowe come off the board.

The summary-

  • State and local governments will set the general framework for the 2020-21 hockey season based on community restrictions/regulations that are in place as we approach August.
  • The Rink has maintained the ice and the CRC staff is actively planning scenarios for spring/summer programming, with regular hockey season in the planning stages as well.
  • TGHA will offer programming for girls hockey- ideally with a normal practice and game structure, but within guidance dictated to us by USA Hockey
  • No tryouts are scheduled for NYSAHA at this time.  No releases can be provided at this time.
  • TGHA registration will happen over the summer based on team structure noted below, or as adjusted based on updated guidance from USA Hockey.
  • Communicate, be patient, expect some uncertainty, know that we are all trying to create a positive experience for the children

Please ask questions or express your concerns, TGHA board members and coaches are all looking forward to seeing our players and families in the months ahead.

Follow the TGHA Facebook page for updates as well as checking back here at!

I wish you safety and health during these trying times.


Eric Eisenhut, TGHA President


How to Contact TGHA:

Social Media: Follow us on Facebook


Snail Mail: TGHA, PO Box 3962, Ithaca, NY 14852

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Thank you to TGHA Sponsors!

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Founded in 1972, Tompkins Girls’ Hockey Association (TGHA) is the oldest girls’ hockey organization in New York State and one of the oldest in the country! TGHA teams and programs include girls ages 5-19 of all levels and abilities.

Our current Board of Directors for 2019-2020 Season:

President Eric Eisenhut

Michelle Hallock

Raimona Rowe


Board Member

Brian Crane


Board Member

Hank Gerson


Board Member


Kimberly Budd

Board Member

Beth Heck


Board Member

Trent Paskins


Board Member

Mary Anne Camel


Communications Coordinator CJ DelVecchio Croft
Ice Scheduler
Eric Eisenhut
ACE/Coaching Coordinator Jonathan Joseph
Cub Club Tracy Goodrich 

Fund Raising/Sponsorships &

Team Hotel Coordinator

Trent Paskins

Alumni Committee Mary Grainger

Shooting Stars Tournament:

Tournament Director





Tournament Program

Katie Howells
Eric Eisenhut


CJ DelVecchio Croft
Beth Heck