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TGHA Cub Club

Welcome to TGHA's CUB CLUB Program!

Officially formed in 1995 by Cornell alumna Megan Shull ’91, the Cub Club has carried a strong tradition that links TGHA girls with Big sisters from the Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey Team.  Since 1995 both organizations have continued with their common goal of giving women and girls an opportunity to play hockey.  

The Cub Club gives our young girls a chance to experience hockey at a higher level and more importantly, it gives them a team of role models.  Our girls have the extraordinary opportunity to get to know Division I Women’s Ice Hockey players on a more personal level, from participating in pre-game preparations and other fun activities that create life-long memories.


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About TGHA Cub Club

 Cub Club Information

This program is open to girls 12-and-under with some free tickets to Cornell Woman Ice Hockey Games and be matched a “big sister” from Cornell’s Woman Ice Hockey team. 

 Free Events

We have received many accolades from parents on this FREE program sponsored by TGHA and Cornell Woman’s’ Ice Hockey.   Free events include where your daughter will participate with her “big sister" include: pairing night with pizza at Lynah rink, movie night at Lynah rink, bowling night at Helen Newman, pizza night at Cornell and skating skills night. 

 Stick Girl

The Cub Club girls can meet outside of the women’s locker room 15 minutes before the start of the game.  The Cornell Coach will invite the girls to the Cornell bench to sing the National Anthem with the team. After singing, the girls will go back to the general seating area to be with family and friends.

Immediately following the game, the Cub Club girls will be invited back into the women's locker room to spend a few minutes with their big sister and teammates.  Some parents will give their daughter some snacks (brownies, cookies, cake) to take into the locker room to share with the team.  The Cub Club girls will spend about 10-15 minutes in the locker room and will then be escorted back into the hall to meet their parents.

 Bear

Two Cub Club members per game can skate between periods.  Your daughter will need to bring her skates/ helmet to the Cornell Women’s game.  She will be assisted in getting her skates and outfit on prior to intermission.  There is a sign-up sheet to be the Bear.

 Communications

Emails will be sent to parents with information prior to events.  Information will also be provided during practices.

Cub Club Activities  
  • Support your big sister at Cornell women home games.
  • Have fun during bowling night, movie night and skating with your big sister. 
  • Participate as stick girl or the Little Red Bear during a Cornell Women's hockey game.  
Big Sister Quotes From Cornell University

"The Cub Club program is a not only a great program for young girls in the Tompkins Community, but also our team as well. The girls are great fans of our team, and we are glad to be big sisters to such energetic and fun-loving youngsters. Putting a smile on their face definitely puts a smile on mine too." - Captain Catherine White '12